Here are some extracts of the many letters and e-mails we have received:

“Thank you so much for your service. Your facilitator Declan Lock was absolutely awesome, he was very clear, informative and pleasant . It was an absolute pleasure having him”.

“I learnt more from Pedrie and found him to have a great sense of humour and he engaged well with everyone.  Not once did the day drag.  So a very big thank you to Pedrie for being such a wonderful facilitator.  I hope to attend his course again in the next two years”

“I absolutely loved the course. Straight to the point: no unnecessary information. Just enough to save a life. The facilitator was awesome!”

“Melissa was great and she was thorough with her explanations and we were able to apply the information effectively during our practical.  It was good to have someone who has practical experience and knowledge, training us. I will definitely recommend MEC to other people wanting to do a First Aid Course”

“In the same way that I was awarded 100% in both the theory and the practical exams, I would in turn rate this course given by this presenter 100%!”

“The course material is very beneficial, the first hand anecdotes and real life experiences were very interesting and Mel’s lecturing ability is excellent! We thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was interactive, Mel kept our interest throughout the day and her witty humour was an added bonus! It was a pleasure spending time with her!”

“I wanted to provide some positive feedback on the outstanding efforts of one of your first aid trainers (Melissa) who conducted an in-house training course for our office yesterday.  Melissa was very professional and engaging and was always willing to answer questions throughout the session.  She made the overall session more interesting and memorable with real life examples and experiences, and through her personable style, and managed to make the entire session a very rewarding, educational and enjoyable day of practical lessons. I hope you will recognize her strong performance and talents and pass along a big “thank you” from our team.  I would gladly recommend this course and her as an instructor to other business colleagues in Cape Town. “

” I got extremely good feedback from my staff who attended yesterday’s training. They really liked Declan, said he made the information accessible and fun. His presentation was good, he answered all their questions,  he made them feel relaxed and was very inclusive of all. They all learned a lot, which is great. Please say a special thank you to him from me for this, I appreciate it.”

” It was great to do the first aid course through your company. My compliments to Russel to a job very well done. He is passionate about his job and caring about his students. Quality teacher. Thank you! “

“We had a wonderful training session with Chris.  The feedback from the staff -whom had several First Aid training in the past – said it was the best by far!  His passion, knowledge, thoroughness and sincerity was much appreciated!.”

” Thank you for the many years of patience and for the excellent service that you have provided to the school.”

“The First Aid training course given by Melissa was great! She was awesome! She kept it interesting and made it lots of fun. You should keep her. 😉 I would attend any of her courses anytime! Thank you for a great service and also for the training at our premises, we appreciate.”

“Absolutely love working with MEC, and again, Chris is really great. Thank you for assigning him to us.

“Based on my prior First Aid course experiences and what I have heard from other people, the training given to me by the MEC was excellent. I find that most First Aid courses are just reading out a lot of facts on what to do and do not actually teach you to be hands on and apply, which is vital when it comes to First Aid. The course had group exercises where we had to apply our minds and First Aid techniques. There was also additional information about First Aid, like CPR and choking for Babies and Children (which is important skill as you never know what could happen out there). I think that MEC should be used for all our First Aid training of our staff.”

“I was lucky enough to partake in the First Aid course my employer had organised for us. As a teacher and mother, I was very eager to learn the basics of first aid, but very negative at the thought of sitting through hours of boring information. Our trainer had all of us completely wowed after the first few minutes. Who knew taking a first aid course could be so much fun? The informal atmosphere and his repertoire with the learners made him an instant hit. He was very professional, yet inviting and friendly all the time.
Thank you for making this training so much fun. You truly have a gift!”

“Thanks a lot Oliver, your facilitators are fantastic. The guys were telling me yesterday that they expected long boring sessions. But they were surprised to find that the courses were so exciting.”

I was thrilled, I attended all the sessions. Our SHE Manager was part of the Fire Fighting Training, he was very impressed as well.

“My staff LOVED the course. Thank you so much for offering a professional, well run programme. And thank you for the Certificates – 24 hours! Wow!”

“Thank you so much, we really enjoyed the training and your facilitators made it super interesting. Two of us are registered nurses who have not been in nursing for many years and it was more than just a refresher for us.”

“I loved doing the First Aid course and I feel more confident now. I have learned so much, things that I can apply at work, but also at home.”

“It is great doing business with you. Thank you for your professional and efficient service.”

“Thank you for providing facilitators who are passionate about what they do.”

“It is an absolute pleasure having a Company like yours looking after our Training Needs.”

“Thanks for the awesome service you guys deliver.”

“I really enjoyed it and think they took time to illustrate and make it very practical.”

“I don`t know where you find your trainers, but they are all fantastic!”

“I was really inspired by the training material as well as the facilitator who conducted it. The facilitator was insightful, adaptable and included relevant examples when discussing the different modules. Theory as well as Practical information was covered comprehensively. I can’t believe how much I learnt in 2 days! With practical exams; I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be more confident in an emergency.”

“The group was very pleased with the information and knowledge displayed by Russell. He had them focused from the get go 😉

Thank you so much for the professional and exceptional service – it really is fantastic working with MEC.”

“With reference to the above and behalf off all Port Owen staff, we would like to express our gratitude against MEC and to our facilitator. We received some very interesting facts yet common daily tips that we will implement immediately. You guys are all amazing, and thank you for all the effort in assisting and helping us as the public and for the individual group training”.

“They were very impressed with the content, presentation and the personal insight that Mr. Baines brought to this course. Many of these First Aiders are not undergoing this course for the first time as they have been on our Emergency Evacuation Teams for a number of years, but it is their collective opinion that Mr. Baines has presented by far the best version of this course. I would like to thank Mr Baines and MEC Training for the extra effort put into the training of our First Aiders”.

“Went on training for two days 20/02/2017 and 21/02/2017. I am known as Charlie. Want to say thank you to one amazing instructor Sindile. I haven’t enjoyed training like this in for ever. She is amazing and will gladly attend any of her classes in the future”.

“I must commend you, the training was very topical and informative without being boring at any time. I will highly recommend your company’s services to all my peers in the industry.”

“We had an awesome time with Matthieu!  He kept us entertained all the time while bring across his lecture…..never a dull moment!”

“The group enjoyed the training and all gave positive feedback, Declan is a remarkable facilitator, his world of knowledge together with his great personality certainly set him aside from the rest and this is one of the reason why we would choose MEC again.”

“On behalf of staff at Life Choices we would like to thank Russell and Sindile for an informative two days. Their patience with us, chats during breaks, and knowledge on the topics during facilitation were all well received, fondly remembered and much appreciated.”

“I just want to thank you for the course, it was very well presented and executed! Especially thanks to Sindile who presented the course (Pinelands 10 and 11 July 2017), she was special with a capital S. Her personality added unique value! I wish you all the best for the rest of the year!.”

“Everyone loved the training…there was not 1 negative comment.

You guys really are GREAT!!”

“The course and instructor was excellent – thorough, knowledgeable and very informative