Blended Online Paediatric First Aid Training

In order to minimize disruption of workflow and to maximize flexibility with regards to space and time allocation, we have designed this Blended Online Paediatric First Aid Training.

The content of the training is the same as for the traditional Paediatric First Aid Training.

Part 1:

The Theory of Paediatric First Aid – Online Learning.

Usually taking up 1 day In-Class, the delegates will be guided through 6 Online Modules, each covering a section of Paediatric First Aid. After every module, a self-assessment will allow the delegates as well as us to monitor understanding and progress, and to provide you with feedback thereof. Once all self-assessments have successfully been completed, delegates can download a free version of the First Aid Manual and are ready for Part 2.

Part 2:

Practical Skills Session – In-Class Learning (approx. 3 hours).

At a predetermined date, our facilitator will come to your premises for a 3 hour In-Class Practical Skills Session. Here the delegates will have the chance to go through all modules of the online training, ask questions, and thereby deepen the understanding thereof. The facilitator will demonstrate and guide the delegates through all the practical skills required in order to become a successful First Aider. This session is hands-on, fun-filled, and exciting.

After completion of a summative assessment , the delegates will be issued with a Paediatric First Aid Certificate, which is valid for 2 years.

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Online Session – 6 modules with regular self-assessments to be completed online, duration to be predetermined by the Client
Practical Skills Session – 1/2 day, followed by a summative assessment


Online Session determined by the learner (work, home, etc.)
Practical Skills Session at your premises


Accredited, valid for 2 years